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Why professional pet photos????

Hello! Welcome to my first Faithful Friends Photography blog!

I guess a good topic to begin with is why you should consider hiring me - or any other pet photographer - to capture images of your animals.

If we are blessed with the gift of sight, we love photos. Photos memorialize the best times of our lives - the birth of new babies, birthdays, weddings, holidays, vacations, beautiful views, etc. The list is endless! While photography has changed over the years from film to digital, the reasons we love photos has not.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest - and all the other social networking sites of the interwebs are proof positive that photos continue to be a huge part of our daily lives.

But, why hire a professional photographer to take photos of your pets when you can take plenty of your own photos with your phone? The first answer to that question is simple - because it is fun! A professional photo shoot is a really fun experience! You will laugh, you will obviously smile, and the experience in and of itself will be a great memory - and one in which you'll have great photos to help remember it by!

A second answer to the question is: because your pets matter. Most people open their hearts to a pet to help enhance their life. Pets bring us joy, laughter, companionship, comfort and a chance to care for a life that doesn't expect us to be anyone but who we are. There's an anonymous quote I love - "Perhaps the reason I love animals so much is that the only time they've broken my heart is when their's stopped beating". Your pets are probably a significant part of your life, and unfortunately they often aren't in ours for as long as we'd like. Memorializing your pets and your special bond with them in professional photos is a great way to both enjoy them while they're here and keep a part of them around forever.

A third answer is: because a professional knows how to give you fantastic images. The snapshots you take with your phone are fun - and you can do all sorts of cool things like adding filters and frames, but a professional's job is to make sure the images of you and your pets look amazing! We love the craft and are committed to making sure you have some striking images which are not only pleasing to your eye, but also to your heart.

I believe the art of photography is a God-given gift. Just like the ability to create music or sculpture or painted art. I personally want to share my gift with the world - and with YOU!

So, in a nutshell, those are just a few reasons why you should hire a professional to capture images of your pets. Just like you hire professionals to take images of weddings, family portraits, graduation photos and school photos, professional pet photographers know how to give you the best shots of your furry friends.

Thanks for reading my first blog - I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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