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Moment in Time sessions are special photography sessions reserved for animals who are either terminally ill or elderly and nearing the end of their earthly lives.


The most difficult thing about loving a pet is the time when you have to say 'good bye'. These sessions are designed to capture special moments with you and your beloved pets before the end of their earthly life.

 I have had to let go of so many of my most faithful friends over the years and I know how terribly difficult it is to face that time.  Regardless of how long your pet has been in your life, you have developed a special bond.  While these sessions will be very emotional for both you and me, I want to give you some lasting final memories of that special bond.

My hope is that the images from this session will not cause you to remember sorrow, but will ultimately give you great happiness about the relationship you had with your faithful friend.

These sessions will be given the highest priority when scheduling as I know that time is of the essence.  

Prices for these sessions may vary, but are at a discounted rate due to the nature of the situation.  

Please contact me directly to discuss the session and pricing.

Oklahoma city pet photographer
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